Lots of Questions


This article from The Observer argues forcefully that Israel’s raid on Syria (Operation Orchard) was most likely a rehearsal for Iran, assuming the sources it relies on are accurate and trustworthy. It also offers a heavy dose of criticism towards U.S. foreign policy (as one might expect from The Observer) for always coming up with a link between the actions of rogue states/”axis of evil” countries, and tries to debunk the theory Israel hit a nuclear installation or shipment of nuclear material from North Korea. Some interesting ideas in this article, but we must also remain skeptical of any certainties at this early point as so many details of the operation are still shrouded in mystery.

It also begs the question. If a nuclear installation is what Israel struck, one has to wonder why Syria would have put it near the Turkish border, when Turkey and Syria are more or less enemy countries (and Israel and Turkey are allies). On the other hand, why has Syria been so quiet about the details of the operation? Just today an article came out stating that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is furious (see bottom half of article) about leaks of the operation from officials in his government? What is there to be embarrassed about? Since when did Syria not seize upon an opportunity to expose details of Israeli aggression? Lastly, if Israel was rehearsing for an attack on Iran, wouldn’t it want to keep even partial details of its route, methods, plan etc. a secret rather than giving it away in a rehearsal?


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