Lights Out Gaza

All things point to a more aggressive Israeli posture, they are tired of the Qassams. After the Qassam attack over a week ago at the Zikim military base outside of Gaza which left 69 Israeli soldiers wounded, Gazans braced for a major Israeli incursion. But it appears today’s security cabinet decision was driven by the military’s desire to punish Gaza while avoiding a large-scale incursion, as Haaretz columnist Bradley Burston has pointed out.

Government declare Gaza “enemy entity”

“The government decided to declare the Gaza Strip an enemy entity on Wednesday, choosing to adopt a plan presented by Defense Minister Ehud Barak during the security cabinet meeting in which it was recommended that electricity be cut off the region’s 1.4 million Palestinian residents. Barak went on to say that he was not in favor of a large-scale military incursion into Gaza. According to a government press release, Wednesday’s unanimous decision determined: “Hamas is a terrorist organization that has taken control of the Gaza Strip and turned it into hostile territory. This organization engages in hostile activity against the State of Israel and its citizens and bears responsibility for this activity. “In light of the foregoing, it has been decided to adopt the recommendations that have been presented by the security establishment, including the continuation of military and counter-terrorist operations against the terrorist organizations.” (Jerusalem Post)


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