Damascus May Be Planning Military Response

scud3a.jpg A “Senior official” in Syria is finally commenting publicly and specifically on what type of operation Israel carried out in its territory Sep. 6 (Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was furious over leaks from his government last week but I know of no other leaks this specific). If it’s true that Syria is planning a military response, things will escalate very quickly and shatter any hopes for Israeli/Syrian peace talks that had been in discussion over the last few months — not that they were going anywhere as it was, but it will become official. With a system so closed, almost any Syrian official would have to speak on this sensitive matter anonymously, not to mention that media outlets usually label sources from small to large as “senior” or “high up” officials, therefore it’s difficult to gauge the credibility of this story. We shall see.

Senior Ba’ath official tells Arab-Israeli reporter there is growing consensus among Syrian leadership for need to retaliate to reported Israeli violation of Syrian airspace
Roee Nahmias (Ynet)

“A senior official in the ruling Syrian Ba’ath party said Thursday there was growing consensus among the Syrian leadership for the need to launch a military response to Israel’s reported airstrike in Syria two weeks ago. The official said the Syrian air force has been placed on high alert. The official made the remarks to a reporter from the Arab-Israeli newspaper Al-Hadath during a visit to Jordan. The official said Israel ordered the flyover in Syrian airspace to test air defense systems newly acquired from Russia.


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