Replacement for Hamas Mickey Mouse Abuses Animals


The folks at Hamas-run Al Aqsa TV in Gaza City need a new P.R. manager. In response to worldwide outrage this summer over the screening of Tomorrow’s Pioneers, an absurd program featuring Farfur mouse, a shrill voiced-Mickey Mouse look alike dressed in a tuxedo who preaches Islamic domination and violent resistance against Jews to children, the network finally decided to pull the show off the network last June — but only after having Farfur beaten to death in the final episode by an actor playing an Israeli soldier trying to buy his land. You’ll also notice this episode is packed with heavy symbolism of common themes in the Palestinian national psyche. And did you notice the way critics of MEMRI and Palestinian Media Watch tried to discredit and dispel outrage over the video because a few words are mistranslated or “taken out context”? OK. Then what about the rest of the words that were translated correctly, and in what context is this acceptable?

Farfur was then replaced by his cousin, a militant bumble-bee called Nahoul. In this video that I recently found, originally aired in August (this isn’t new news but it’s new to me), shows Nahoul teaching children a lesson how not to treat animals by doing those very things, which include swinging cats by their tails and throwing rocks at the lions in the Gaza Zoo. You have to watch this video to believe it. How Nahoul is any better than his cousin Farfur I don’t know (Or how a Bee becomes the cousin of a mouse for that matter) so I propose a concession to the network managers at Al Aqsa TV. If they are to make a fair compromise in the face of international pressure, the best bet is to kill off Nahoul and replace him with a Hamas Sponge Bob. Let’s face it, everybody loves Sponge Bob without exception.


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One Response to “Replacement for Hamas Mickey Mouse Abuses Animals”

  1. Dovaleh Says:

    Swinging cats! Throwing stones at lions! What’s next? Using innocent civilians as human shields? Oh, wait.

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