Is the U.S. Now Ready for Talks with Syria?

(Gen. Michel Suleiman.
Jamal Saidi/Reuters/file)

By Nicholas Blanford

Washington appears to be backing the Lebanese presidential contender favored by Damascus.

(The Christian Science Monitor) — It’s too early to gauge the impact of last week’s Middle East peace summit in Annapolis, Md., on its intended goal: Israeli-Palestinian peace. But after the gathering, an emerging American approach to the region may end a crisis in Lebanon and weaken Iran’s influence.

Over the weekend, Syria’s favored candidate for the unfilled Lebanese presidency, Gen. Michel Suleiman, all but sealed the title. Lebanon’s anti-Syrian, US-backed factions dropped their opposition to the general a day after Annapolis. Now, parliament is expected to vote for him on Friday.

Analysts say that the U-turn in Beirut can be traced to signals from the US that it wants to reengage with Syria. They say Washington wants to deal with the country it has maligned as an agent for Iranian designs in the region, including the trafficking of weapons to anti-US/Israel militias in Lebanon and Iraq…” Click for Full Article


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