‘Bush pushes US-Turkey nuclear cooperation’


Between French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s massive effort to spread civilian nuclear programs to countries across the Middle East, and the efforts of Bush, soon the entire region will be nuclearized. To date, Sarkozy has offered nuclear cooperation with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Libya, Egypt, Algeria and Morocco. In addition, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan and Yemen have recently expressed nuclear ambitions of their own. It appears The United States is trying to compete with France in the region before it misses the opportunity for a slice of these multibillion-dollar deals. Of course there’s more than money at stake here. Stephane Lhomme, spokesman for Exit Nuclear Network, a French-based umbrella group of anti-nuclear associations is quoted in the Washington Post as saying, “The main concern is not that an Islamic country ends up with the atomic bomb; the main risk is the possibility of making dirty bombs with nuclear material.” Since many in the administration have resigned themselves to the fact that Iran will eventually develop the bomb, pushing civilian nuclear programs for US allies in the region like Turkey (and their parallel desire to acquire them) may also be part of long term containment efforts “for a rainy day”, should Iran test a nuclear weapon at some future date. Are you not excited?

(AFP) — President George W. Bush has green-lighted a civilian nuclear cooperation deal with Turkey, saying that private-sector proliferation worries have been addressed, the White House said Wednesday. Bush on Tuesday sent the US Congress a July 2000 agreement, signed by then-US president Bill Clinton, that would clear the way for transfers of nuclear know-how to Turkey’s planned civilian atomic sector, it said“… Click for full article


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