‘If talks continue to stall, PA will declare independence’


(Post-independence celebrations in Kosovo)

Oh wise U.S. foreign policy makers (and those of many foreign governments)… How foolish they were to encourage and accept independence for Kosovo. They have no idea what they’re doing, or what a Pandora’s box this will open. Some analysts already warned that encouraging and then recognizing ethnic separatism in Kosovo would serve as a precedent for separatist movements the world over, not only in the Balkans. And this is just the beginning. I agree that Israelis and Palestinians should go their separate ways and each live in their own state (the two-state solution) but a unilateral declaration of independence is sure to lead to a breakdown of any negotiated settlement or worse.

If things are not going in the direction of actually halting settlement activities, if things are not going in the direction of continuous and serious negotiations, then we should take the step and announce our independence unilaterally,” Yasser Abed Rabbo said. “This is what the Israelis are driving us to,” Rabbo later told the Voice of Palestine radio station. However, the chief Palestinian negotiator, Ahmed Qureia, quickly quashed the idea of a unilateral declaration, saying it was never brought before the Palestinian leadership…” Click for full article


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