Nir Rosen on ‘The Myth of the Surge’

(An Iraqi policeman flashes a V-sign as he poses for a picture with members of Al-Sahwa, also known as “the Awakening.”ALI YUSSEF/AFP/Getty Images)

And this is the “success of the surge” John Mccain is riding on to win the 2008 election. Don’t be surprised if it works.

(Rolling Stone) — We are essentially supporting a quasi-feudal devolution of authority to armed enclaves, which exist at the expense of central government authority,” says Chas Freeman, who served as ambassador to Saudi Arabia under the first President Bush. “Those we are arming and training are arming and training themselves not to facilitate our objectives but to pursue their own objectives vis-a-vis other Iraqis. It means that the sectarian and ethnic conflicts that are now suppressed are likely to burst out with even greater ferocity in the future...” Click for full article


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