‘Cairo climbs the nuclear pyramid’


(Jerusalem Post) — “The driving force behind that decision was the ongoing nuclear crisis with Iran. Egypt, which is proud of its status as the largest and most powerful Arab country, cannot afford to ignore nuclear technology – today an essential part of a country’s power and strength. Sunni Egypt was compelled to enter the field to counterbalance Shi’ite Iran’s growing threat to the international community and to the Middle East. One must not forget that, according to a UN report, the oil and gas reserves of Egypt will start to dwindle in 2016, while Egypt’s population will have gone past the 100-million mark and it will need a lot of energy to produce its electricity. It is therefore obvious that whatever the angle, Egypt has no choice but to develop its nuclear energy. It’s original intentions might be for peaceful purposes, but military considerations will undoubtedly come later…” Click for full article


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