‘Keeping Iran away from ‘members-only’ Arab club’


No, the Iraq war didn’t spread freedom, democracy and stability like a tidal wave across the Middle East, as we were told it would. But let’s not be overly critical here — it succeeded in precipitating the spread of other things, like millions of refugees, terrorism, suicide bombings and Iranian influence.

(Haaretz) — “But it is not the Lebanese crisis only that shows signs of Iranian involvement: Iraq is also under Iranian influence, while Egypt and Saudi Arabia have virtually no leverage there, and Sudan also maintains close ties with Iran. Egypt’s fear is that Iran is building a web of diplomatic influence among Egypt’s neighbors, and thereby building itself up as a rival to the Arab club – and especially to members of what is known as the moderate axis…” Click for full article


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One Response to “‘Keeping Iran away from ‘members-only’ Arab club’”

  1. Abu Zaynab Says:

    I like Ahmadinejad’s reply when an American reporter asked him while he was in Iraq: “Why are you interfering in Iraq’s affairs?”

    He said: “You are asking my when you have over 120,000 soldiers in Iraq?”

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