‘Qatar, Playing All Sides, Is a Nonstop Mediator’

Qatar’s Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani in Lebanon for crisis talks

(The New York Times) — “In the past month, after Qatari diplomats brokered a landmark peace deal for Lebanon in talks here, this tiny emirate on the Persian Gulf has enjoyed a brief moment of giddy celebrity. Editorialists praised the Qatari emir as a modern-day Metternich. Huge billboards went up on the road to the Beirut airport, proclaiming, “We all say: Thank you Qatar.” An ice cream shop in downtown Beirut put out a sign offering a Doha Agreement Cone. But the Qataris did not linger over their diplomatic triumph. They were too busy trying to solve every other conflict in the Middle East…” Click for full article


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One Response to “‘Qatar, Playing All Sides, Is a Nonstop Mediator’”

  1. Dovaleh Yehudi Says:

    Is it pronounced “Ka-tar” or “Cutter”? I always am confused. Also, maybe I can get the emir to mediate between me and my noisy upstairs neighbor? We seem to be at a diplomatic impasse and at the brink of war. Do you think he’d fly his Lear Jet to West Hollywood and work the negotiating table?

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