‘Attacking Iran Could Backfire Badly’

[Shipping Lanes in the Strait of Hormuz]

Comment: The Iranian problem: Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

“But Moshe Ma’oz an Israeli Professor Emeritus of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem… told The Middle East Times that any attack on Iran would be an “absolute disaster.”

“I doubt very much that Iran will attack first. All the Iranians need to do is close the Gulf of Hormuz and thereby threaten the West’s supply of oil if they want to flex their muscles. They will not strike first but if attacked their ability to retaliate on a significant scale is worrying,” explained Ma’oz…” Click for full article


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3 Responses to “‘Attacking Iran Could Backfire Badly’”

  1. Dovaleh Yehudi Says:

    Of course, not attacking Iran could backfire badly, if not, as Jon Stewart would probably say in such a case, “badlier.”

  2. Dan Says:

    It’s all too true. Already 13 countries in the region have “suddenly” expressed interest in nuclear energy, some more hurriedly than others. It’s obvious that Iran’s highly publicized quest for nuclearization is spurring the Mideast arms race, and diplomacy has thus far not succeeded in stopping it. That’s why there’s no good option for this, and why for so many other problems in the Middle East it seems no matter what we do or don’t do, it fails! I give up.

  3. Ali Sefati Says:

    I am an Iranian American and I am pro Iranian peace with Israel. I also agree war with Iran could backfire and make the extremist stronger for the following reason:

    Hardliners in Iran and around the Muslim world feed off war and violence. Each war makes their case stronger and helps them recruit even more fanatics while kills each reform and moderate movement within the Muslim world and Iran is no exception.

    Remember that Iran had a moderate president during the Clinton era but after 9/11, when US president Bush called Iran axis of evil regardless of the fact that Iran actually helped US fight Talibian (Iran was helping Afghan NA movement that was fighting Taliban already), Iranian reform movement died and the extremist came to power.

    Of course the moderates and reformers also failed to fulfill their promises but mainly it was US’ hawkish attitude toward Iran that caused Ahmadinejad to win the election and give the power right back to the hardliners.

    Also keep in mind that over 90% of Iran don’t like the current president or the current regime. Unlike the Arab world, Iran has many secular intellectuals who want a true secular democracy in Iran and want peace with all countries in the world including Israel.

    The best way to fight any hardliner threat from Iran is for US, western world, and Israel to reach out to the moderates and the reformers of Iran and help them come back to power and reform and change that country.

    Let’s hope for that day


    Ali Sefati

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