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Self-fulfilling prophecy: ‘Al-Qaeda-in-Iraq inspiring Taliban attacks in Afghanistan’

August 23, 2008

[Wreckage from the July car bombing at the Indian Embassy in Kabul ]

Comment: Fruits of of the Iraq war — hint: it’s not the export of freedom, democracy or stability across the region. If there’s any connection between Afghanistan and Iraq, it’s this:

(Daily Times) — “The emergence of more dramatic attacks, reaping larger casualties, reflects experience gained from insurgent battlefields such as Iraq, said Afghan analyst and writer Waheed Mujda.

“There are lots of people coming from Iraq to share their experiences with Taliban. It’s Al Qaeda which designs the attack and the locals who implement it,” he told AFP. Taliban commanders had warned at the beginning of the year they would intensify attacks, Mujda said. “They were saying that they would carry out more suicide attacks and expand their activities to new areas to areas near Kabul. Now we see that they did what they had said,” he said…” Click for full article

(Robert Fisk also argues this point in his sobering article on the rise of suicide bombers)


‘Afghan commandos discover 230 tonnes of cannabis in the desert’

June 12, 2008

[Not the kind of smoking they had in mind]

(The Independent) — “Afghan officials have announced a world record in the war on drugs after they unearthed more than 200 tonnes of cannabis buried in desert trenches. Two RAF Harrier jets were called in to bomb the 236.8-tonne cache, with a minimum street value of £225m. It was found by Afghan commandos who work with Britain’s Special Boat Service. Hundreds of grain sacks, stuffed full of hash were hidden deep inside six trenches. The entrances to the trenches were concealed with branches… The raid was one in a series of strikes against narcotics laboratories across southern Afghanistan last week…” Click for full article

Comment: I was gonna defeat the Taliban, but I got high. I could’ve rooted out Al Qaeda, but then I got high. I failed to create a sustainable democracy, and I know why… because I got high, because I got high, because I got high….

(Shout out to DC squared and Dovaleh Yehudi. Holla)