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Israel developing strong ties with China

August 9, 2008

Comment: In keeping with the Olympic spirit…

(Haaretz) — “I keep hearing compliments about the ancient culture of the Jewish people and the old tradition,” says Nadai, who took up his post in China about a year ago, “and about the ability to build a modern country out of them in a span of 60 years. These comparisons make the Chinese feel close to us: They, too, have a glorious tradition and they, too, are trying to develop a modern country quickly. They feel that they have something to learn from us.

“Only recently a large team of Chinese state television employees visited Israel for a period of three weeks, to research the ‘Israeli miracle.’ Now they are visiting several places in the world that used to have large Jewish communities, in order to examine the Jewish community’s influence on its surroundings. Their idea is to try to decipher the secret of the Jews’ success.”

Nadai says that, “as a diplomat who has served in other countries in the past, I can say that there are no parallels today to such an attitude toward Israel and the Jews…” Click for full article


Olympic Headache

April 10, 2008

Dude, Israel should never host the Olympics. That would be a terrible idea.

“The criticism adds to the PR nightmare suffered by the Chinese over the torch procession, which has been repeatedly disrupted by pro-Tibet protestors. Yesterday, the authorities were forced to deliberately extinguish the flame for the first time ever as it passed through Paris…” Click for full article